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Extending health insurance coverage to the informal sector: Lessons from a private micro health insurance scheme in Lagos, Nigeria

Resource Type: Journal Publication Authors: Lauren Peterson,  Alison Comfort,  Laurel Hatt, Thierry van Bastelaer Published: October 2016 Resource Description: As a growing number of low‐ and middle-income countries commit to achieving universal health coverage, one key challenge is how to extend coverage to informal sector workers. Micro health insurance (MHI) provides a potential model to finance health […]

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Advances in Health Finance & Governance: Knowledge and Learning Briefs

  The Advances in Health Finance & Governance Knowledge & Learning Brief Series is designed to highlight learning and lessons from the HFG project in nine core areas: domestic resource mobilization, strategic health purchasing, health financing strategies, expanding coverage through health insurance, financial data for decision making, governance, institutional capacity building, workforce and efficiency, and building […]

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Expanding Coverage Through Health Insurance: An Ongoing Process

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Hailu Zelelew, Nathan Blanchet, Andrew Won Published: April 2018 Resource Description: As countries strive to achieve universal health coverage, they must implement health insurance systems or other types of financial protection programs that protect against financial risk and improve access to quality and affordable health care. This brief articulates lessons learned by USAID’s […]

Review of Community/Mutual-Based Health Insurance Schemes and Their Role in Strengthening the Financial Protection System in India

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Ramesh Bhat, Lysander Menezes, and Carlos Avila Published: August 2017 Resource Description: This report suggests focusing on following groups of organizations through which community/mutual-type insurance initiatives could scale up: (a) micro-finance institutions and self-help groups, (b) the more than 600,000 cooperatives in India, (c) micro-enterprise and small- and medium-size enterprise clusters, […]

Annapurna Pariwar Community/Mutual Health Insurance Program: A Case Study in Maharashtra India.

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Ramesh Bhat, Lysander Menezes, and Carlos Avila Published: August 2017 Resource Description: The objectives of this case study is to understand the genesis and key features of Annapurna Pariwar’s health insurance scheme, design features, and financial/operational performance; outline risk management strategies; determine how the program addresses the outpatient health care needs […]

The Ethiopia Sixth Health Accounts, 2013/14: Statistical Report

Resource Type: Report Authors: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Health Published: August 2017 Resource Description: The purpose of the HA IV exercise was to estimate the amount and flow of health spending in the Ethiopian health system in 2013/14. In addition to estimating general health expenditures, the exercise tracked spending on the different disease categories […]

Navigating Health Financing and Insurance Options for Urban Poor in India

Resource Type: Report Authors: Ramesh Bhat Published: August 2017 Resource Description: The objective of this report is to review the health financing challenge in India by presenting the findings of National Sample Survey Office (NSSO Round 71) data on out-of-pocket (OOP) spending on health. The paper specifically discusses the rural-urban differences in OOP spending and implications thereof. […]

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Role of Government-funded and Community-based Health Insurance Schemes in Moving toward Universal Health Coverage in India

Resource Type: Report Authors: Nishant Jain Published: August 2017 Resource Description: This report is to analyze the evolving scenario of government-financed health insurance schemes (GFHIS) and community-based health insurance (CBHI) schemes in India. The paper assesses the evolution of GFHIS and their impact on CBHI schemes with respect to innovation and implementation experience. The aim is to […]

Penguatan Pelayanan Primer Melalui Optimalisasi Pemenfaatan Sisa Dana Kapitasi, Redistribusi Kepesertaan Dan Penegakan Sistem Rujukan Balik

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Laksono Trisnantoro, Likke Prawidya Putri, Shita Listyadewi, Christa Dewi, M. Faozi Kurniawan, Yanti Leosari, Budi Eko Siswoyo, Insan Rekso Adiwibowo Published: October 2016 Resource Description: Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) telah berjalan selama kurang lebih 3 tahu. Kendati pemerintah telah mengeluarkan berbagai regulasi guna mendukung pelaksanaan JKN, masih banyak tantangan yang dihapi oleh Fasilitas Kesehatan Tingkat Pertama (FKYP) sebagai gatekeeper dalam […]

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