Actuarial Report for Healthcare Contributory Benefit Package, Kano State, Nigeria

Resource Type: Report
Published: August 2018

Resource Description: In 2016, the Kano State government signed into law, a bill that establishes the Kano State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency (KSCHMA) with the overall goal of ensuring all residents of the state have access to quality and affordable healthcare services with financial and social risk protection. The state of health of citizens within the state has been a serious concern to some stakeholders and patriots in the state. Hence after several appeals and meetings, the Minimum Health Benefit Package (MHBP) emerged as the state healthcare contributory benefit package. Although a free medical programme was run by the previous administration which has been tagged “a non-sustainable programme”. The sole objective of the agency is to provide affordable and quality health care services to all residents. We have been contracted to actuarially cost the state health benefit package called Minimum Health Benefit Package (MHBP), and this product is expected to be:
 Affordable
 Of high quality
 Sustainable by government

This report gives the actuarially estimated risk premium for covering the medical cost under each benefit package for both individuals and households. MHBP considers four (4) scenarios under this Contributory Healthcare Benefit Package.




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