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Generating Evidence to Strengthen Health Systems

HFG is making significant contributions to meet a growing demand for health systems research. Funders need evidence linking health system strengthening investments to health outcomes. Practitioners seek universally accepted indicators to measure and monitor country progress. Both want to understand the key characteristics of successful health system interventions.

To address this need, the project recently launched the Impact of Health Systems Strengthening on Health report, which for the first time presents a significant body of evidence linking health systems strengthening interventions to measurable impacts on health outcomes. HFG is also implementing a set of comparative case studies of global health system strengthening interventions focusing on “how and why” health system strengthening works to improve the performance of future efforts. The project is synthesizing its experience conducting implementation research through Implementation Research for UHC in Practice–A Series of Technical Briefs Based on Lessons Learned from the Field in Myanmar and Indonesia.

In partnership with local and regional institutions, HFG conducts research to build local capacity in health systems research and apply findings to policy dialogues at the national level. In Bangladesh, HFG worked closely with BRAC on a discrete choice experiment that quantitatively assesses the factors influencing the demand for maternal and child health care. HFG also supports Health Systems Global, a network of researchers, advocates, and implementers whose aim is to strengthen the field, improve the evidence base, and promote the use of that evidence.

HFG has conducted a number of Health Systems Assessments, including those in Bangladesh, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mali, and Timor Leste, which will inform health system strengthening program design. HFG is working with other USAID projects and international partners to revise the Health Systems Assessment Approach and facilitate its application across countries that are striving toward Universal Health Coverage.


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