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Toward Country-owned HIV Responses: What Strategies are Countries Implementing to Achieve Sustainability?

Resource Type: Technical Report Authors: Denise Jacobson and Eun Hyeog Chang Published: September 2018 Resource Description: As decreases or cessation of donor funding for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) looms, countries are faced with the urgent need to plan for the sustainability of their HIV responses. Health Finance & Governance (HFG) has helped more than 30 countries over the past […]

Lessons Learned for Strengthening Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV Programs

Resource Type: Report Authors: Chris Cintron, Allyson Fernandez Knott, Victor Mudhune Published: September 2018 Resource Description: Early infant diagnosis (EID) testing of HIV-exposed infants is an essential step to initiating lifesaving treatment for HIV-positive infants and preventing mother-to-child transmission for HIV-negative infants. Whether infected in utero, at birth, or in the months thereafter via breastfeeding, infants who […]

Modeling Impact of the Health Finance & Governance Project

Over its six-year life (2012-2018), the project worked with more than 40 partner countries to increase their domestic resources for health, manage resources more effectively, and reduce system bottlenecks in order to increase access to and use of priority health services and strengthen health systems overall. HFG provided state-of-the-art and country-specific technical assistance to remove […]

South Africa HIV and TB Expenditure Review (2014/15 – 2016/17)

Resource Type: Expenditure Review Authors: Guthrie T, Chaitkin M, Khoza N, Zulu N, Madisha V, Ndlovu N, Shezi S, Karume J, Motsoeneng P, Simelane S, Meyer-Rath G, Masuku S, Jamieson L, and Ghai K. Published: August 2018 Resource Description: The South African Government (SAG) and its development partners have mounted a formidable response to the world’s largest HIV epidemic […]

Integrating the HIV Response at the Systems Level: Experience of Four Countries in Transition

Resource Type: Multi-Country Study Authors: Jenna Wright, Adam Koon, Kelley Ambrose, and Lauren Hartel Published: September 2018 Resource Description: The global response to combat the AIDS epidemic scaled up considerably in the early 2000s with the establishment of key institutions, notably the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund) and the United States President’s […]

Evaluation de L’impact de la formation Pratiquesur les soins et Traitement des PVVIH au profit des Infirmiers et sages-femmes affectes en 2016 dans 8 districta sanitaires a forte morbidite LIEE au VIH/SIDA

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Health Finance and Governance Project Published: September 2018 Resource Description: The impact study sought to understand the extent to which the placed nurses and midwives were practicing task sharing, and capture information about these health workers’ satisfaction on the job and challenges encountered. The study took a representative sample of 80 […]

Costing of Community-Level HIV Services in Barbados: Final Report

Resource Type: Report Authors: Dr. Sophie Faye, Chisa Cumberbatch, and Altea Cico Published: September 2017 Barbados is currently experiencing tight fiscal constraints due to the slowdown of economic growth coupled with the fact that as a high-income country, it now no longer qualifies for concessional loan arrangements and grants from development partners. The President’s Emergency Plan for […]

HFG Impact Study Shows Majority of First Cohort of Deployed Nurses and Midwives Practicing Task Sharing in Cote d’Ivoire  

In 2018, the USAID Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project supported the Ivoirian Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene (MHPH) to conduct an impact study on the implementation of nurse-initiated ART.  As a first step towards this intervention, the government of Cote d’Ivoire approved HIV task sharing for nurses and midwives in 2015 and mandated […]

Assessment of the private sector’s role in El Salvador’s HIV response

Resource Type: Brief Authors:  José Soto Published: September 2018 Resource Description: The assessment concludes by suggesting areas for potential further action to enhance public-private partnerships. These are to integrate the public and private sector capacities into the country’s response, and enable private provision of anti-retroviral treatment and potentially self-testing services for population with payment capacity. The […]

The Efficiency of the El Salvador HIV Program Mission Support

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Daniel Aran Published: September 2018 Resource Description: This is a survey carried out under El Salvador’s National STI/HIV/AIDS Program as an exploratory mission to search for inefficiencies that may require support. The first finding was that many analyses of the program were already in existence, including previous reports with suggestions for modifications. […]

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