Building Sustainability into HIV/ AIDS Programs

First Page: Building Sustainability into HIV/ AIDS ProgramsResource Type: Brief
Authors: Deborah Dangay, Itamar Katz, Wendy Wong, and Megan Meline
Published: 6/1/2012

Resource Description:

Sustainability analysis is becoming a requirement in today’s resource-constrained environment. This brief highlights the realities of the HIV/AIDS funding climate and shows how Health Systems 20/20’s HIV/AIDS Program Sustainability Analysis Tool (HAPSAT) can provide the necessary analysis to aid policymakers in decision-making.

At this time of global economic uncertainty, health systems should be even more efficient and, increasingly, are asked to provide more services with fewer resources. To meet these challenges and build sustainability, Health Systems 20/20 collaborates with our partners to assess their health system, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and then choose the most effective strategies and tools to build a more effective health care delivery system.

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