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HSFR/HFG Conducts Regional End of Project Events in Ethiopia

June 27, 2018 – The Health Sector Financing Reform/Health Finance & Governance Project in Ethiopia, which is ending in September 2018, conducted regional End of Project events in the month of June. The events, attended by high level regional officials, including health and finance bureau heads and representatives from regional councils, as well as other […]

Using Retained Revenue to Make Quality Improvements at Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital

The Health Sector Financing Reform (HSFR)/HFG project has supported the Ethiopian government to implement a wide range of health care financing reforms. One such reform allows hospitals and health centers to retain revenue collected from patient fees to make quality improvements. In this short video, personnel at Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital located in Bahir Dar, […]

The Ethiopia Sixth Health Accounts, 2013/14: Statistical Report

Resource Type: Report Authors: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Health Published: August 2017 Resource Description: The purpose of the HA IV exercise was to estimate the amount and flow of health spending in the Ethiopian health system in 2013/14. In addition to estimating general health expenditures, the exercise tracked spending on the different disease categories […]

Ethiopia Health Accounts, 2013/14

Resource Type: Report Authors: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Health Published: August 2017 Resource Description: The objective of this sixth round of HA is to generate up-to-date empirical evidence on health care spending in order to inform formulation and development of health financing policy, including gauging financing performance of HSDP-IV and a baseline for the […]

Health Service Utilization and Expenditure Survey among People Living with HIV

Resource Type: Report Authors: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Health Published: August 2017 Resource Description: This is a report of a national survey that was conducted in September-October 2016 to generate evidence for the sixth Ethiopian Health Accounts (HA VI), which estimated health expenditures for 2013/14. The survey collected data on health service utilization and […]

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Members of Ethiopia’s Community-Based Health Insurance Share their Experiences

The Health Sector Financing Reform (HSFR)/HFG project in Ethiopia has supported the Ethiopian government to design and implement a national community-based health insurance (CBHI) scheme program scale-up strategy targeting over 80% of the Ethiopian population that is engaged in the informal sector. CBHI is being expanded  from 13 to 350 woredas in 2017. As a result, more than 14.5 […]

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Linkages Between the Essential Health Services Package and Government-Sponsored Health Benefit Plans in Ethiopia

This case study is part of the Essential Health Services Country Snapshot Series. Resource Type: Case Study Authors: Adam Koon, Jenna Wright Published: June 2017 Resource Description: Priority setting is a key function of health systems that seek to achieve universal health coverage. The Essential Health Services Package (EHSP) explicitly prioritizes certain services; government-sponsored health benefit plans […]

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Universal Health Coverage Monitoring Framework

Resource Type: Report Authors: Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia Published: June 2017 Resource Description: To achieve universal health coverage (UHC), it is important to define, measure, and monitor it at the country level. For this purpose, WHO and World Bank developed a monitoring framework for the three dimensions of UHC: effective coverage of essential services, financial […]

Synthesis of Data Collected From Health Facilities through Supportive Supervision – HSFR/HFG Project Year 1 (2013/14)

The Ethiopian government has introduced a wide range of health care financing (HCF) reforms aimed at increasing the availability of resources for health and thereby protecting the population from catastrophic spending at time of sickness. These reforms include allowing health facilities autonomy to establish facility governance structures, retain and use resources generated at the facility […]

Community Health Financing: Lessons from Ethiopia

Resource Type: Presentation Authors: Hailu Zelelew Published: March 2017 Resource Description: Presentation during the Institutionalizing Community Health Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, on March 28th, 2017.  This presentation gives an overview of Community-based Health Insurance (CBHI) in Ethiopia and recent evaluations, achievements, challenges, and scale-up updates of the pilot schemes.

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