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Resource Allocation and Utilization in the Health and Education Sectors: Challenges and Opportunities in Ghana

In 2017, the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) and HFG completed a study that applied a political economy approach to examine the complex landscape of institutions, political pressures, incentives, obstacles, and costs that Ghana faces as it transitions towards financing the health and education sectors on its own. This brief summarizes the results of […]

The Sokoto State Contributory Healthcare Management Scheme (SOCHEMA) becomes law

How a nation finances its health care delivery system could be a clear indicator in assessing the premium placed on its people’s health. As a critical component of development, the health sector requires adequate funding. The financing of Nigeria’s health care delivery system is mainly through tax revenue, out-of-pocket payments or user fees, donor funding […]

The Health Systems Technical Efficiency Guide

Resource Type: Interactive guide Published: May 2018 Resource Description: As demand for health care rises, health system stakeholders in low- and middle-income countries are exploring ways to increase domestic resources for health. Using health resources more efficiently is one of the most promising strategies. The Health System Technical Efficiency Guide is an interactive web-based guide […]

Webcast | Advances in Health Finance & Governance Series: Domestic Resource Mobilization for Health

  On Tuesday, January 16th HFG launched the Advances in Health Finance and Governance series with a roundtable on Domestic Resource Mobilization (DRM) at the Washington Learning Center in Arlington, Virginia. Listen as panelists discuss current trends in strategic health purchasing and provide specific examples of strategies underway in Nigeria and Vietnam. This event will […]

Securing Domestic Financing for Universal Health Coverage: Lessons in Process

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Sharon Nakhimovsky and Elaine Baruwa Published: January 2018 Resource Description: Demand for health care is growing and external support is becoming more uncertain. Consequently, domestic resource mobilization (DRM) for health has emerged as an important topic in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). This brief articulates the lessons learned by USAID’s Health Finance […]

Innovative Mechanisms for Raising Revenue for the Health Sector in The Dominican Republic

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Health Financing and Governance project Published: August 2017 Resource Description: This brief presents projections of the revenue that could be collected through five financing mechanisms. This information will support the Government of the Dominican Republic in deciding which mechanisms to implement. It is important to consider that taxes on the consumption of soft […]

Opciones y mecanismos innovadores de recaudación de recursos para el sector salud en La República Dominicana

Resource Type: Brief Authors: El Proyecto de Financiamiento y Gobernanza en Salud Published: August 2017 Resource Description:  Este resumen presenta el monto de recursos que se podrían recaudar mediante cinco mecanismos de financiamiento. Los datos apoyarán al Gobierno de la República Dominicana a decidir cuáles mecanismos llevará a cabo. Es importante considerar que los impuestos al consumo de […]

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Getting a Slice of the Pie: Tips & Tools for Increasing Public Funds for Health

“Domestic resource mobilization” is a hot topic in development. Stakeholders agree that domestic resource mobilization is the path to sustainable development finance. But what is domestic resource mobilization? What does it mean for the health sector? And how can countries achieve it? Put simply, domestic resource mobilization is the “process through which countries raise and spend their […]

Getting Health’s Slice of the Pie: Domestic Resource Mobilization for Health

Resource Type: Report Authors: Kirstin Krusell, Dr. Marty Makinen, Dr. Laurel Hatt Published: July 2017 Resource Description: Many low- and middle-income countries have experienced strong economic growth in recent years, resulting in increased capacity for social sector spending. Net energy importers have further benefited from falling fossil fuel prices.  At the same time donors are preparing to scale […]

Sample DRM for Health Dossier: Jasmania

The Health Finance and Governance (HFG) Project organized a multi-country workshop to support policymakers from public health and finance agencies in developing concrete action plans for mobilizing domestic resources for health. This presentation on a DRM for health dossier demonstrates how countries might utilize available data to hold more productive discussions concerning domestic resource mobilization […]

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