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The health and economic benefits of investing in HIV prevention: a review of global evidence to inform policy dialogue in Vietnam

Resource Type: Technical Brief Authors: Yoriko Nakamura and Michael Chaitkin Published: September 2018 Resource Description: This report aims to inform the discourse on the composition and financing strategy for HIV prevention by synthesizing the global evidence on the health and economic benefits of HIV preventive interventions, highlighting key considerations for Vietnam. Economic evaluations, such as cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit […]

Integrating the HIV Response at the Systems Level: Experience of Four Countries in Transition

Resource Type: Multi-Country Study Authors: Jenna Wright, Adam Koon, Kelley Ambrose, and Lauren Hartel Published: September 2018 Resource Description: The global response to combat the AIDS epidemic scaled up considerably in the early 2000s with the establishment of key institutions, notably the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund) and the United States President’s […]

Modeling Impact of the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) Project

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Kenya Datari, Rachel Sanders, Shamima Akhter, and Catherine Connor Published: September 2018 Resource Description: HFG and its partner Avenir Health conducted a rigorous exercise to estimate the impact of the project’s health systems strengthening activities on its overall goal: increased use of priority health services. We used Spectrum, a suite of modeling tools developed by […]

Income, expenditures, health facility utilization, and health insurance status among people accessing antiretroviral therapy: Results of a facility exit interview

Resource Type: Journal Article Authors: Vietnam Authority of HIV/AIDS Control, Health Financing and Governance Project Published: January 2016 Resource Description: The primary objective of this study is to estimate the average income and general expenditures of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). The null hypothesis is that income among PLWHA is the same as that of the general […]

HFG Vietnam develops projections models for HIV funding

USAID’s Health Finance & Governance (HFG) project has provided long-term technical assistance to Vietnam Social Security (VSS) and Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC) to develop projection models forecasting revenues and expenditures for the country’s Social Health Insurance (SHI) fund as well as SHI obligations for HIV services. After several years of close collaboration and […]

Integrating HIV/AIDS in Vietnam’s Social Health Insurance Scheme: Experience and Lessons from the Health Finance and Governance Project

Resource Type: Journal Article Authors:  Nazzareno Todini, Theodore M. Hammett & Robert Fryatt Published: February 21, 2018 Resource Description: This article describes the lessons learned by USAID’s Health Finance and Governance project over three years of implementation of health system strengthening activities in Vietnam. The authors recount the project’s approach to supporting significant advancements in the government of […]

Association Between User Fees and Dropout from Methadone Maintenance Therapy: Results of a Cohort Study in Vietnam

Resource Type: Journal Article Authors:  Benjamin Johns, Le Bao Chau, Kieu Huu Hanh, Pham Duc Manh, Hoa Mai Do, Anh Thuy Duong & Long Hoang Nguyen Published: February 21, 2018 Resource Description: Vietnam launched methadonemaintenance therapy (MMT) in 2008 with donor funding. To expand and ensure sustainability of the program, Vietnam shifted the responsibility for financing portions of MMT […]

Actuarial Analysis Related to Development of Vietnam’s Social Health Insurance Benefit Package

This is the executive summary of a report that documents Actuarial Analysis related to the development of a Basic Health Service Package (BHSP) for Social Health Insurance (SHI) in Vietnam. It attempts to answer the following key questions: What is the disease burden based on cost for SHI in Vietnam? What are the top five […]

Vietnam 2013 General Health Accounts and Disease Expenditures with Sub-Analysis of 2013 HIV/AIDS Expenditure

System of Health Accounts (SHA) is a useful tool; through analysis of the system of health financing indicators, it helps to describe systematically the flow of the financial resources relating to the use, the consumption of the health goods and services across the country. In Vietnam, the Ministry of Health has developed a system of […]

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