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Making the Most of the Health Workforce

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Sarah Dominis, Kate Greene and Ffyona Patel Published: March 2018 Resource Description: Achieving country commitments to universal health coverage requires maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the health workforce. The Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project supported country governments to optimize the quality and efficiency of the health labor market through […]

Strengthening the Health Workforce to Improve Quality and Achieve Universal Health Coverage

This presentation focuses on three countries that are taking a systems approach to solving these two problems, with help from HFG: Haiti, Côte d’Ivoire, and Swaziland. In Haiti, HFG is working with the Ministry of Health to bolster its process for accrediting nursing education institutions, known as reconnaissance. More than 40 schools have already received […]

Group at launch of the Swaziland Nursing Council's office space.

Swaziland: Entry-to-Practice Competencies for Nurses to Improve HIV, TB Services

With the world’s highest prevalence of HIV (26 percent) and TB/HIV co-infection (80 percent of tuberculosis patients have HIV), Swaziland has a critical need for a well-trained and sustainable workforce of medical professionals. Swaziland’s health problems are aggravated by the lack of human resources – doctors, nurses, midwives – in its health system, with many […]

Data Drives Decisions to Increase Number of Health Workers in Swaziland

Swaziland has a shortage of health workers for priority health services, particularly HIV and AIDS. This country of approximately one million citizens has the highest HIV prevalence in the world – 26 percent. At the same time, Swaziland has fewer than two healthcare workers ‒ doctors, nurses, or midwives ‒ for every 1,000 citizens. These numbers […]

Swaziland Nursing Council Inaugurates New Office

In Swaziland, nurses and midwives are at the frontline of caring for their communities, forming a critical cadre in tackling the country’s health challenges, such as the tuberculosis and HIV and AIDS epidemics. As the country’s leading organization for overseeing the country’s nurses, the Swaziland Nursing Council (SNC) has a legal mandate to regulate, direct, […]

Child-Friendly Courtroom Opens in Swaziland

In many parts of the world, violence against children is sad reality. In Swaziland the statistics paint an especially sobering picture. Nearly one in three Swazi girls experiences sexual violence before the age of 18 and one in four suffer physical violence, according to a 2007 UNICEF national study on violence against children in Swaziland. […]

Building Sustainability into HIV/ AIDS Programs

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Deborah Dangay, Itamar Katz, Wendy Wong, and Megan Meline Published: 6/1/2012 Resource Description: Sustainability analysis is becoming a requirement in today’s resource-constrained environment. This brief highlights the realities of the HIV/AIDS funding climate and shows how Health Systems 20/20’s HIV/AIDS Program Sustainability Analysis Tool (HAPSAT) can provide the necessary analysis to aid policymakers in […]

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