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A Concise, Health Service Coverage Index for Monitoring Progress Towards Universal Health Coverage

Resource Type: Journal Article Authors: Anthony Leegwater, Wendy Wong, Carlos Avila Published: June 2015 Resource Description: A growing share of countries across the globe are declaring a commitment to pursuing Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and introducing policies and approaches to advance toward that goal. International donors and multilateral organizations are supporting these initiatives, with UHC under serious consideration […]

Building Sustainability into HIV/ AIDS Programs

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Deborah Dangay, Itamar Katz, Wendy Wong, and Megan Meline Published: 6/1/2012 Resource Description: Sustainability analysis is becoming a requirement in today’s resource-constrained environment. This brief highlights the realities of the HIV/AIDS funding climate and shows how Health Systems 20/20’s HIV/AIDS Program Sustainability Analysis Tool (HAPSAT) can provide the necessary analysis to aid policymakers in […]

Target Setting of HIV Services

Resource Type: Report Authors: Itamar Katz, Wendy Wong, and Danielle Altman Published: 1/1/2012 Resource Description: Planning an HIV program requires determining its goals, developing activities to implement in order to reach the goals, and setting targets for the activities, which the program’s capacity can reach. Clear national targets for HIV programs will promote partner alignment to national priorities […]

HAPSAT 2.0 Software: Hands-on Exercise

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Itamar Katz and Wendy Wong Published: 1/1/2012 Resource Description: Objectives: Enable users to become familiar with the HAPSAT software and how to populate the tool Enable users to practice manipulating the output data to conduct scenario-based analyses Sections: Worksheets discussed in the section Estimated time for exercise. The total estimated time for the entire […]

Sustainability Analysis of HIV/AIDS Programs

This presentation gives a brief introduction to the HIV/AIDS Program Sustainability Analysis Tool (HAPSAT) that was developed by Health Systems 20/20. HAPSAT was developed by Health Systems 20/20 to assist governments and donors with the development of HIV/AIDS policies and implementation plans. HAPSAT utilizes a computer-based model for forecasting and analyzing the sustainability of HIV/AIDS […]

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