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Explore USAID’s Health System Assessment Approach v3.0

USAID’s Health System Assessment Approach (HSAA) has been widely used in the developing world to diagnose health systems performance and to capture system-wide information to better inform health sector planning. The HSAA looks at the entire health system, including governance, health financing, health services delivery, human resources, pharmaceutical management, and health information systems, plus the […]

Outil du cadre d’assurance qualité & Manuel de l’utilisateur

Resource Type: Outil d’assurance et manuel Authors: Christine Potts Published: Juin 2018 Resource Description: Etant donné que ce système d’assurance qualité a été créé à l’aide de modèles, il faudra tenir compte du contexte du pays et des livrables pour lequel le cadre d’assurance qualité sera utilisé. En fonction du contexte, des modifications aux outils, aux livrables, […]

Strategic Communication for Universal Health Coverage Practical Guide and Planning Tool

The Strategic Communication for Universal Health Coverage Practical Guide and Planning Tool equips UHC and health policy champions and implementers with actionable guidance on how to develop a comprehensive strategic communication plan tailored to different stakeholder groups to achieve a specific UHC objective. Realizing UHC requires deliberate, tailored communication strategies that increase engagement and knowledge, […]

The Health Systems Technical Efficiency Guide

Resource Type: Interactive guidePublished: May 2018 Resource Description: As demand for health care rises, health system stakeholders in low- and middle-income countries are exploring ways to increase domestic resources for health. Using health resources more efficiently is one of the most promising strategies. The Health System Technical Efficiency Guide is an interactive web-based guide to […]

Follow the Money: Choosing the Most Appropriate Health Expenditure Tracking Tool

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Rachel Rosen, Jennifer Ljungqvist, and Karishmah Bhuwanee Published: May 2018 Description: Health spending data answer key questions such as who spends money on health, how resources for health are raised, who provides health goods and services, and which health goods and services are consumed. This data helps countries to understand how […]

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Costs of HIV Viral Load and Early Infant Diagnosis: Forecasting Tool and Manual

Resource Type: Tool Authors: Peter Stegman, Rachel Sanders, Chris Cintron, and Carlos Avila Published: April 2017 Resource Description: The Excel-based spreadsheet tool, developed by USAID’s Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project, can be used to estimate the costs and human resource implications of scaling up HIV viral load monitoring and the use of viral load testing for […]

HFG Toolkit Presentation

The Health Finance and Governance (HFG) Project organized a multi-country workshop to support policymakers from public health and finance agencies in developing concrete action plans for mobilizing domestic resources for health. This presentation on the HFG toolkit addresses gaps in the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance relationship. The toolkit presents a set of […]

Tool to Assess Entomological Monitoring, Environmental Compliance, and Vector Control Capacity for the Prevention and Control of Zika and Other Arboviruses

This assessment tool was designed to assess country capacity to conduct Aedes vector control and entomological monitoring activities in five countries in Latin America and the Caribbean – the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, and Honduras. The purpose of the tool is to review capacity strengths and gaps within each of these countries, and […]

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