Outsourcing Non-clinical Services in Public Hospitals: Achievements and Lessons from Ethiopia

Resource Type: Technical Brief
Authors: Ethiopia Health Sector Financing Reform/Health Finance and Governance Project
Published: June 2018

Resource Description: This brief highlights major achievements, challenges, and lessons learned in implementing outsourcing. The analysis contained is based primarily on qualitative information collected through supportive supervision visits, performance review meetings, and a review of Health Care Finance Reform/Health Finance and Governance (HSFR/HFG) project reports. Additional input came from interviews and discussions conducted with finance officers at three hospitals: Felege Hiwot and Debre Markos hospitals in Amhara region and Olancihiti Hospital in Oromia. These hospitals were selected purposefully because they have outsourced more than one non-clinical service. The discussion mainly focused on achievements and challenges they experienced in outsourcing of non-clinical services. Further research is required to have an in-depth understanding of the performance, costs, benefits, and complexity of the outsourcing.



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