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Integrating the HIV Response at the Systems Level: Experience of Four Countries in Transition

Resource Type: Multi-Country Study Authors: Jenna Wright, Adam Koon, Kelley Ambrose, and Lauren Hartel Published: September 2018 Resource Description: The global response to combat the AIDS epidemic scaled up considerably in the early 2000s with the establishment of key institutions, notably the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund) and the United States President’s […]

¿Qué cantidad de medicamentos antirretrovirales necesita un país?

Estimación y programación de medicamentos Para alcanzar los objetivos de la estrategia 90-90-90, es esencial que un país tenga disponibilidad suficiente de medicamentos antirretrovirales (ARV) y otros productos para el VIH, tales como pruebas diagnósticas y condones. En la República Dominicana, donde el Gobierno se encuentra inmerso en el proceso de descentralización de su red […]

How Many ARV Medications Does One Country Need? Turns Out, It’s Complicated

To achieve the 90-90-90 goals, it is essential that a country has a sufficient availability of antiretroviral (ARV) medication and HIV commodities, such as diagnostics and condoms. In the Dominican Republic (DR), where the government is in the midst of decentralizing its health services network and expanding access to treatment, knowing exactly how much to […]

Sustentando la respuesta al VIH: Inclusión del tratamiento para VIH en la Seguridad Social en la Republica Dominicana

La reducción a nivel mundial del precio de los medicamentos antirretrovirales (ARV) y otros avances en la última década, han transformado al VIH de ser una pandemia que representa una amenaza para la vida,  a una condición crónica manejable.  La adherencia al tratamiento antirretroviral (TAR) puede permitir a las personas que viven con el VIH […]

Sustaining the HIV Response: Inclusion of HIV Treatment in Social Health Insurance in the Dominican Republic

The global reduction in antiretroviral (ARV) drug prices and other advances over the past decade have transformed HIV from a life-threatening pandemic to a manageable chronic condition. Adherence to antiretroviral treatment (ART) can allow people living with HIV (PLHIV) to live with little to no risk of transmitting the HIV, but they must have continual […]

Case study: Maternal & Child Centers of Excellence: Improving health systems and quality of services in the Dominican Republic

Resource Type:Case Study Authors: Health Finance and Governance Project Published: December 2016 Resource Description: This report presents one of the five case studies – on the Maternal & Child Centers of Excellence: Improving health systems and quality of services in the Dominican Republic project. In Section 2, we describe the study methods. In Section 3, we present […]

Understanding the Dynamics of Successful Health System Strengthening Interventions: Full Study Portfolio

USAID’s Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project helps to improve health in developing countries by expanding people’s access to health care. The project team works with partner countries to increase their domestic resources for health, manage those precious resources more effectively, and make wise purchasing decisions. HFG’s research portfolio enhances the ability of USAID to […]

“Treatment for All” Strategy for HIV Adopted in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has come a long way in managing its HIV epidemic, reducing its incidence rate to 0.9 percent in 2017 after concerted effort from its government and international partners. However, with a treatment coverage rate of just 52% of estimated people living with HIV (PLWH), the nation is far from reaching the international […]

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