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Brechas financieras en la respuesta nacional al VIH y SIDA

Resource Type: Publicación Authors: Claudia Valdez, Jonathan Cali y Carlos Avila Published: May 2017 Resource Description: El Plan Estratégico Nacional (PEN) para la Respuesta Nacional al VIH y el SIDA fue elaborado en 2014 con un horizonte temporal 2015-2018. El PEN se organiza alrededor de cuatro Ejes Estratégicos y 46 subcategorías. La Medición del Gasto […]

Baseline Survey of Basic Health Service Package paid by Health Insurance Fund and Sub-Package on care and treatment services for people living with HIV/AIDS

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Health Financing and Governance Project Published: December 2016 Resource Description: The baseline survey will provide a set of evidence which will be used for the guidelines to support the implementation of Vietnam’s basic healthcare service pilot (BHSP) pilot, in which HIV/AIDS sub-package will be in focus. The survey will examine the relevance and feasibility […]


Interview: Building Equity, Sustainability into Vietnam’s HIV and AIDS Programs

People living with HIV and AIDS  in Vietnam have greater access to antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) than ever before, largely as a result of support from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and The Global Fund. Together, they have worked with the government to cover 95% of the costs of ARVs ($21.2 million in 2014). In particular, HIV […]

Options for Developing a Collective Payment System and Co-payment Mechanism for Antiretrovirals using the Vietnamese Health Insurance Fund

What follows is a draft proposal submitted by Health Finance & Governance (HFG) to local partners to present policy options for centralized reimbursement and co-payment. In this way, HFG provides much needed technical support to the Ministry of Health and other government agencies in Vietnam. Furthermore, this proposal illustrates the means by which HFG, through […]

Core members of the "positive Living Group" are reaching the most remote people in order to bring them their treatment and to provide counseling and psychological support.

Sustaining Vietnam’s HIV and AIDS Programs

People living with HIV and AIDS  in Vietnam now have greater access to antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) than ever before. This access to care is largely the result of financial and in-kind contributions from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEFAR) and The Global Fund which together have worked with the Government of Vietnam to cover […]

Association between starting methadone maintenance therapy and changes in income and expenditures: Results of a facility exit interview

Resource Type: Journal Article Authors: Vietnam Authority of HIV/AIDS Control, Health Financing and Governance Project Published:  December 2015 Resource Description: The primary objective of this survey is to estimate the change in average income and general expenditures of methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) clients associated with starting MMT care. The null hypothesis is that income among MMT clients […]


Additional Domestic Resources to Scale-Up the HIV and TB Response in South Africa

To tackle its substantial HIV and tuberculosis (TB) burdens, South Africa  continues to rapidly scale up its response to both diseases. Over the past decade, the government of South Africa (GoSA) dramatically increased its financing for HIV and TB programs. By the end of 2015, more than 3 million South Africans were taking life-sustaining antiretroviral drugs (ART) […]

Viral-Load Point-of-Care Technologies to Achieve an AIDS-Free Generation

Ending the AIDS epidemic requires not only political commitment and financial resources but also innovative solutions. New point-of-care (POC) technology to detect HIV viral load promises to be a game changer in the diagnosis and monitoring of HIV infection. Poverty and distance from healthcare facilities often place people infected with HIV beyond the reach of […]

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In Vietnam, Quantifying Needs and Domestic Resources for HIV and AIDS Treatment

In Vietnam, an estimated 250,000 people are living with HIV (PLHIV), and about 100,000 are on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment, according to the Ministry of Health. With donor funding expected to decline, it is critical for the government to identify viable solutions for sustaining HIV and AIDS prevention, care, and treatment services. HFG is supporting the country’s […]

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