Baseline Survey of Basic Health Service Package paid by Health Insurance Fund and Sub-Package on care and treatment services for people living with HIV/AIDS

Resource Type: Brief
Authors: Health Financing and Governance Project
Published: December 2016

Resource Description: The baseline survey will provide a set of evidence which will be used for the guidelines to support the implementation of Vietnam’s basic healthcare service pilot (BHSP) pilot, in which HIV/AIDS sub-package will be in focus. The survey will examine the relevance and feasibility of BHSP as well as identify the necessary conditions (such as human resources, infrastructure, facilities, supplies, and information/financial/management systems) for successfully implementing BSHP. The survey will provide inputs for the BSHP pilot study, which will be followed in order to evaluate the impact of BHSP on the insured members, health facilities, and VSS administrators. Empirical findings and implementation lessons learned from the BSHP pilot study will be used to develop relevant circular and to scale up BHSP at the national level.


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