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Outil du cadre d’assurance qualité & Manuel de l’utilisateur

Resource Type: Outil d’assurance et manuel Authors: Christine Potts Published: Juin 2018 Resource Description: Etant donné que ce système d’assurance qualité a été créé à l’aide de modèles, il faudra tenir compte du contexte du pays et des livrables pour lequel le cadre d’assurance qualité sera utilisé. En fonction du contexte, des modifications aux outils, aux livrables, […]


Providing Guidance on Governing for Quality in Health Care

Improving the quality of patient-centered health services is paramount to delivering on the promise of universal health coverage (UHC). While countries seek to expand access to affordable care, working towards the goal of UHC, we need to provide greater attention to ensuring quality care. In a survey of over 100 government officials from nine Joint Learning Network (JLN) member […]

Governing for Quality Health Care

Improving the quality of patient-centered health services is at the heart of delivering on the promise of universal health coverage (UHC) and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The WHO’s Framework on integrated people-centered health services  frames five strategies to achieve quality people-centered care, including creating an enabling environment that strives for quality improvement and […]

National Health Accounts 2007/2008: Egypt Report

Resource Type: Report Authors: Ministry of Health, Egypt and Health Systems 20/20 Published: 9/1/2010 Resource Description: NHA is a powerful tool to inform health financing policy as well as monitor the impact of policy interventions. According to His Excellency the Minister of Health Dr. Hatem El Gabaly, findings from the 2007/2008 report highlighted the need to increase […]

Private Sector Health Care in Indonesia

Resource Type: Report Authors: Grace Chee, Michael Borowitz, and Andrew Barraclough Published: 9/15/2009 Resource Description: As documented in Indonesia’s 2007 Public Expenditure Review, the private sector’s role in the Indonesian health care system has grown dramatically over the past decade. Development partners came to agreement in late 2008 that a review and assessment of the private […]

Egyptian Hospital Accreditation Program: Standards, Sixth Edition

Resource Type: Tool Authors: Partners for Health Reform plus Published: 5/6/2005 Resource Description: The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) with the assistance of the USAID-funded Partnerships for Health Reform Project (1995–2001) successfully developed and implemented an accreditation program for their primary health centers. Building on this experience, the MOHP Quality Improvement Directorate drafted a set of […]

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