Private Sector Health Care in Indonesia

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Grace Chee, Michael Borowitz, and Andrew Barraclough
Published: 9/15/2009

Cover Page: Private Sector Health Care in IndonesiaResource Description:

As documented in Indonesia’s 2007 Public Expenditure Review, the private sector’s role in the Indonesian health care system has grown dramatically over the past decade. Development partners came to agreement in late 2008 that a review and assessment of the private health care sector in Indonesia would make a significant contribution by identifying key issues and options for discussion. In-depth understanding of key private health care sector issues would provide information that USAID, development partners, and the Government of Indonesia could use to plan future interventions that better engage private sector health providers to achieve health sector goals and objectives. This report presents the consolidated findings from the desk review and the in-country assessment, as well as recommendations for interventions that could strengthen the role private health care providers can play in achieving health sector objectives.

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