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Tools to Help Civil Society Engage in Health Finance and Governance

Governments and international donor organizations increasingly acknowledge the role of civil society organizations (CSOs) in strengthening health systems. By facilitating dialogue between government and citizens on issues of health sector priorities, performance, and accountability, CSOs can help to improve health service delivery and contribute to evidence-based policy. Often, however, CSOs lack the skills and tools […]

Summary RHIS Evaluation Report for the Punjab National Health Mission Using the PRISM Framework

Resource Type: Evaluation/Report Authors: Nehal Jain, Vunnava Janardhan Rao and Michael P. Rodriguez Published: 05/31/2014 Resource Description: The Health Finance and Governance project has worked with the National Health Mission in Punjab to conduct an assessment of the routine health information systems across three districts in the state. The assessment team utilized the Performance of Routine Information […]

HAPSAT 2.0 Software: Hands-on Exercise

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Itamar Katz and Wendy Wong Published: 1/1/2012 Resource Description: Objectives: Enable users to become familiar with the HAPSAT software and how to populate the tool Enable users to practice manipulating the output data to conduct scenario-based analyses Sections: Worksheets discussed in the section Estimated time for exercise. The total estimated time for the entire […]

Paying for Performance in Health: Guide to Developing the Blueprint 2.0

Resource Type: Tool Authors: Rena Eichler and Susna De Published: 4/1/2011 Resource Description: Pay for performance (P4P) is an innovative approach that explicitly links financial investment in health to health results. While the P4P concept seems relatively straightforward, the mechanics of its implementation need to be planned very carefully to elicit the desired behavior change in a given […]

Egyptian Hospital Accreditation Program: Standards, Sixth Edition

Resource Type: Tool Authors: Partners for Health Reform plus Published: 5/6/2005 Resource Description: The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) with the assistance of the USAID-funded Partnerships for Health Reform Project (1995–2001) successfully developed and implemented an accreditation program for their primary health centers. Building on this experience, the MOHP Quality Improvement Directorate drafted a set of […]

National Health Accounts: Trainer Manual

Resource Type: Report, Tool Authors: Susna De, Manjiri Bhawalkar, and Marie Tien Published: 6/1/2004 Resource Description: With health systems growing in scope and complexity, policymakers need tools such as National Health Accounts (NHA) to manage their health care resources. NHA is a globally accepted framework and approach for measuring total—public, private, and donor—national health expenditures. To facilitate adoption […]

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