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The Role of Health Insurance in Family Planning

A new policy brief written by HFG and the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) finds that “Well-designed insurance programs offer a way to improve the quality and equitable provision of family planning services.” The Role of Health Insurance in Family Planning explores how insurance programs “can be designed to increase demand for and uptake of family […]

Use of Incentives in Health Supply Chains: A Review of Results-Based Financing in Mozambique’s Central Medical Store

Supply chains are the foundation of any health system. For health supply chains to work—for the right goods to be received and delivered in the right quantities, in good condition, to the right place, at the right time, for the right cost—countless actors working in different locations with different responsibilities need

Piloting L3M for Child Marriage: Experience in Monitoring Results in Equity Systems (MoRES) in Bangladesh

Resource Type: Report Authors:  Ligia Paina, Lindsay Morgan, Yann Derriennic Published: 09/2014 Resource Description: Child marriage is a symptom of poverty and gender inequalities. Girls who marry early are more likely to die from maternal health-related causes; are less likely to stay in school; and are more likely to participate in a vicious cycle to […]

A Rough Guide to Community Engagement in Performance-Based Incentive Programs: With Lessons from Burundi, Indonesia, and Mexico

Resource Type: Report Authors: Lindsay Morgan Published: 8/1/2012 Resource Description: This guide aims to help policymakers and program managers assess whether engaging communities makes sense in the context of the performance-based incentive (PBI) programs they support; determine what is the best approach or mechanism for such engagement; and how to mitigate the risks. PBI, as with bottom-up social […]

Can Incentives Strengthen Access to Quality Family Planning Services? Lessons from Burundi, Kenya, and Liberia

Resource Type: Report Authors: Lindsay Morgan Published: 8/1/2012 Resource Description: Can performance-based incentive (PBI) programs—programs that reward the delivery of outputs and outcomes with financial incentives—stimulate quality family planning (FP) service provision and enable women to access FP services? Or is incentivizing FP too riddled with risk, too liable to encourage providers to coerce patients or to cause […]

Pay for Performance in Tanzania

Resource Type: Case Study Authors: Lindsay Morgan and Rena Eichler Published: 9/1/2009 Resource Description: Pay for performance (P4P) is being implemented in the United Republic of Tanzania with the goal of improving maternal and child health outcomes; strengthening information systems and the use of information for management decisions; and motivating health care providers. After discussions between the government […]

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