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Opportunities and Challenges to Develop Effective Strategies for Private Sector Engagement to end Tuberculosis in India

Resource Type: Publication Authors:  Amaltas Consulting Published: August 2017 Resource Description: This study undertakes a Political Economy Analysis (PEA) of the participation of private health care providers in tuberculosis care in four states (Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and West Bengal) in India to improve understanding of how their involvement in the national program could be enhanced. In […]

Mutual Benefit, Shared Risk in India: Annapurna Pariwar’s Community-owned Health Mutual Insurance Program

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Annapurna Pariwar Published: March 2017 Resource Description: The HFG project is supporting the scale-up of health mutual schemes in India with the aim of expanding financial protection and access to health care. As part of its groundwork, HFG developed a case study on the health mutual run by Annapurna Pariwar, a […]

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