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Health Accounts, Explained

Health Accounts is a methodology used to describe the systematic financial flow of the consumption of health care goods and services. Based on the World Health Organization, this systems look into 3 different areas Health Financing – Who pays for healthcare? How are these funds managed? Provision – Who provides these goods and services? Consumption – […]

Health Financing in Botswana: A Landscape Analysis

The government of Botswana is committed to achieving universal health coverage and assuming a higher share of HIV/AIDS and other health spending, even though long-term economic growth prospects are less optimistic than in the past. To guide its path, the government is developing a health financing strategy that will increase efficiency, ensure financial sustainability, and […]

Actuarial Analysis Related to Development of Vietnam’s Social Health Insurance Benefit Package

This is the executive summary of a report that documents Actuarial Analysis related to the development of a Basic Health Service Package (BHSP) for Social Health Insurance (SHI) in Vietnam. It attempts to answer the following key questions: What is the disease burden based on cost for SHI in Vietnam? What are the top five […]

Tax Reform and Resource Mobilization for Health

Resource Type: Report Authors:  Shan Soe-Lin, Sasha Frankel, Eunice Heredia-Ortiz, and Marty Makinen Published: 12/01/2015 Resource Description:  As development assistance for health shrinks and the demand for health expenditures increases, developing countries are under mounting pressure to provide adequate resources for health. Governments can increase available public resources by benefiting from overall economic growth, borrowing, making efficiency […]

An Analysis of Spending on Prevention and Public Health in Africa

Resource Type: Report Authors:  Avril Kaplan, Sharon Nakhimovsky, Andrew Won, and Carlos Avila Published: 08/25/2013 Resource Description:  In an effort to examine government and donor spending on health promotion and disease prevention compared to other health sector areas, an HFG report, An Analysis of Spending on Prevention and Public Health in Africa, used National Health Accounts […]

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