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Webinar | Power, Politics, Resilience: Health Reforms in El Salvador and Guatemala

There is growing recognition that policy reform for resilient health systems and universal health coverage requires more than sound technical solutions. The policy process is equally important in determining the success of any health reform initiative. On Thursday, January 19th, 2017, the HFG Project presented an independent comparative policy analysis exploring the post-conflict health reforms of […]

Entomological Monitoring, Environmental Compliance, and Vector Control Capacity for the Prevention of Zika and Other Arboviruses: Guatemala Assessment Report

. In Guatemala, the USAID-funded Health Finance and Governance project assessed country capacity to conduct vector control and entomological monitoring of Aedes mosquitoes, the primary vector of the virus. The assessment was conducted from July 11 to July 21, 2016, and sought to gauge current capacities, identify strengths and weaknesses in these capacities, and recommend […]

Aedes Vector Control Capacity in Latin America and the Caribbean – Five Country Assessments

The first case of local, vector-borne transmission of the Zika virus in the Americas was identified in May 2015 in Brazil. By July 2016, the virus had spread to nearly all Zika-suitable transmission zones in the Americas, including the majority of countries and territories in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. Governments in the […]

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Health System Assessment Released at Critical Time for Guatemala

The results of Guatemala’s new Health System Assessment (HSA) were recently released in Guatemala City to a wide audience, including Vice President Jafeth Cabrera, Minister of Health Dr. Alfonso Cabrera, and United States Ambassador Todd Robinson. The report provides the Government and the international community with a baseline diagnosis of the current health system. It also […]

Análisis del sistema de salud de guatemala hallazgos y recomendaciones

Presentation by Ken Hoadley, Abt Associates Inc., January, 2016, at the launch of Guatemala’s 2015 Health System Assessment report. El sistema de salud pública de Guatemala goza de un marco regulatorio bien establecido, instituciones con larga trayectoria, trabajadores de la salud a todo nivel dedicados y experimentados, y una ausencia de dependencia en fuentes extranjeras […]

Guatemala Health System Assessment 2015

Resource Type: Report Authors: Carlos Avila, Rhea Bright, Jose Carlos Gutierrez, Kenneth Hoadley, Coite Manuel, Natalia Romero, and Michael P. Rodriguez Published: 8/2015 Resource Description: Guatemala’s public health system benefits from a well-established regulatory framework, many years of institutional history, dedicated and experienced health sector workers, and an absence of dependence on external sources for financial support. […]

Advancing Maternal, Child Health in Latin America and the Caribbean

Recently, USAID sponsored a course for more than 40 delegates from the Ministries of Health and Finance from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador and Peru to learn about strategies for progressing toward Universal Health Coverage and advancing maternal and child health. The workshop, which took place in Panama City, Panama, focused on the challenge […]

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