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Integrating Financing of Vertical Health Programs: Lessons from Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Health Finance and Governance Project Published: September 2018 Resource Description: For better or worse, many low- and middle- income countries inherited vertical programs in which programming, financing, governance, and service delivery are all organized around an individual disease.  Governments must now decide whether a new government-managed financing scheme such as national or social health […]

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Assessment Lays Groundwork for Support to Civil Society Organization Network in India

Recognizing the powerful potential of CSOs, and the capacity gaps that inhibit this potential, the HFG project has partnered with the White Ribbon Alliance of India (WRAI), a prominent countrywide network of grassroots CSOs engaged in FP advocacy. The project has helped develop a structured plan to provide capacity building support to CSOs, focusing on […]

Tracking Family Planning Spending Using the System of Health Accounts Framework

Karishmah Bhuwanee traveled to Bali, Indonesia in January 2016 to present at the International Conference on Family Planning. This presentation helped promote USAID’s global leadership on the topics of results based financing in family planning supply chains, family planning inclusion in universal health coverage initiatives and the importance of resource tracking to improve family planning […]

Evaluating the Costs and Efficiency of Integrating Family Planning Services into HIV and AIDS Treatment Services in Zambia

Resource Type: Report Authors: Sophie Faye, Benjamin Johns, Elaine Baruwa, Kelley Ambrose Published: October 2015 Resource Description: Integrating the delivery of health services is viewed as a priority in the fight for an AIDS-free generation, because this integration has the potential to improve access to HIV, family planning (FP), and other services and provide continuity of care for […]

The Role of Health Insurance in Family Planning

A new policy brief written by HFG and the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) finds that “Well-designed insurance programs offer a way to improve the quality and equitable provision of family planning services.” The Role of Health Insurance in Family Planning explores how insurance programs “can be designed to increase demand for and uptake of family […]

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