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Clincs in Addis

Linkages Between the Essential Health Services Package and Government-Sponsored Health Benefit Plans in Ethiopia

This case study is part of the Essential Health Services Country Snapshot Series. Resource Type: Case Study Authors: Adam Koon, Jenna Wright Published: June 2017 Resource Description: Priority setting is a key function of health systems that seek to achieve universal health coverage. The Essential Health Services Package (EHSP) explicitly prioritizes certain services; government-sponsored health benefit plans […]

Essential Packages of Health Services in 24 Countries: Findings from a Cross-Country Analysis

Resource Type: Report Authors: Jenna Wright, Jeanna Holtz Published: June 2017 Resource Description: Every country has finite resources for providing health care to its citizens. Policymakers are faced with a need to determine where to target limited resources. Explicitly prioritizing certain health care services and technologies can enable low- and middle-income countries to reach key development and public health goals […]

Looking at UHC through the Lens of Essential Packages of Health Services

Presented at USAID’s Global Health Mini-University, 2016. Join us as we take a look at USAID’s work to ensure equal access to essential packages of health services (EPHS) for all without financial hardship. Learn how partner countries are operationalizing EPHS to promote priority service provision as countries move towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC); how national […]

Essential Packages of Health Services: A Landscape Analysis in 24 EPCMD Countries

In an effort to better understand what the EPHS are and what they are being used for in the EPCMD countries, USAID requested that HFG conduct an analysis to provide a “snapshot” for each of the priority countries. The activity results enable quick identification of the EPHS for the studied countries, allowing practitioners to identify […]

A Nepali mother with two young boys and their grandfather.

Essential Health Services Country Snapshot Series

A new series of country profiles analyzes the governance dimensions of Essential Packages of Health Services (EPHS) in the 24 Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths (EPCMD) priority countries. An EPHS can be defined as the package of services that the government is providing or is aspiring to provide to its citizens in an equitable […]

Essential Health Services: Bangladesh

The government of Bangladesh first defined an “Essential Service Package” in 1998, then updated it in 2003 and renamed it the “Essential Service Delivery” Package. This package is defined at a high level, and includes: child health care, safe motherhood, family planning, menstrual regulation, post-abortion care

Essential Health Services: The Democratic Republic of The Congo

The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo began reforming and decentralizing the health sector with its National Health System Strengthening Strategy in 2006. The latest National Health Development Plan 2011–2015 continues to implement the strategy laid out in this document.

Essential Health Services: Ethiopia

The government of Ethiopia published its “Essential Health Services Package for Ethiopia” in 2005 (Federal Ministry of Health 2005). This package was published with the intention to have public sector facilities provide a minimum standard of care that fosters an integrated service delivery approach

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