Roadmap to Develop and Implement the Basic Health Service Package Paid by Health Insurance in Vietnam

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Roadmap To develop and implement the basic health service package paid by health insurance in VietnamAuthors: Vietnam Ministry of Health, Health Finance and Governance Project
Published: April 2015

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The roadmap is a legal document guiding the development process of Basic Health Service Package (BHSP) paid by health insurance, identifying the involvement, coordination and cooperation mechanisms of stakeholders. The main content of the roadmap is to: Define goals, including general and specific objectives for each phase; analyze the situation and the challenges in developing the package, principles and solutions to achieve the identified goals, phases of the roadmap (timelines and objectives to be achieved), organization and roles of stakeholders.

The BHSP reimbursed by health insurance fund will be developed and completed before 2018. Therefore, the implementation time frame of the roadmap is four years from 2014 to December 2017. The Ministry of Health is the focal point to lead the implementation of the roadmap. The Ministry of Health is the focal point to coordinate with stakeholders to specifically assign each party’s roles and responsibilities in the process of developing and implementing the BHSP reimbursed by health insurance.



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