Final Report on Capacity Building in Monitoring and Evaluation for the Namibian Social Security Commission’s Development Fund

Resource Type: Publication
Authors:  Christine Potts
Published: September 2013

Resource Description: Much progress was made in strengthening the monitoring and evaluation capacity of the Development Fund during the three months of intensive technical assistance. There remain, however, a number of areas that will continue to warrant attention:

  • There is a need for additional Development Fund staff members to support the monitoring and evaluation work, particularly with regard to capture and recording of grantee data.
  • The Development Fund would greatly benefit from the introduction of an electronic data management system (in conjunction with other SSC units) in order to introduce structured data capture and streamline redundant processes currently being done by hand.
  • A longitudinal study to track the recipients of Development Fund bursaries and grants at routine intervals after completion of their program participation would likely add key information to the attempts to monitor the impact of Development Fund programs.
  • The DF should return to the M&E plan and review it periodically to ensure that it continues to meet their needs. The M&E officer has the materials and experience required to modify any part of the plan including how to direct changes to the database to meet data reporting needs.

The remainder of this report provides additional detail on the activities implemented under the technical assistance provided during the three-month period of May through July 2013 by an M&E Technical Advisor working under the Health Finance and Governance Project.



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