Health Finance

Strengthening Financing to Move Toward UHC

Financing is front and center on the global health stage as more and more countries strive to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) and preserve their health gains in the face of declining in donor funds. HFG is working with more than 40 partner countries to strengthen their health financing so that high-quality, essential health services are widely available. HFG supports it partner countries to improve the mobilization, pooling, and use of health resources in these countries in the following areas.

Mobilizing domestic resources to pay for health. HFG supports Ministries of Health to more effectively engage Ministries of Finance and legislative bodies to augment public financing  for health. Our experts help countries better harness private resources to purchase priority health services, and provide advice on other innovative financing approaches.

Expanding risk pooling through health insurance and other financial protection mechanisms to cover more people. We help countries move toward UHC by strengthening national health insurance schemes, scaling up community-based health insurance (CBHI), covering the informal sector, and incorporating priority services into health benefits plans.

Improving efficiency and enhancing resource allocation. HFG supports strategic purchasing by establishing performance-based provider payment mechanisms that incentivize efficient provision of high-quality priority health services. We apply standardized resource tracking tools, such as Health Accounts, cost-benefit analysis, and cost-effectiveness studies, to ensure that finite health funds are allocated where they are needed most and will have greatest impact.

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