Universal Health Coverage Monitoring Framework

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia
Published: June 2017

Resource Description:

To achieve universal health coverage (UHC), it is important to define, measure, and monitor it at the country level. For this purpose, WHO and World Bank developed a monitoring framework for the three dimensions of UHC: effective coverage of essential services, financial risk protection, and equity (WHO, World Bank, 2014). Research suggests that the main challenges to measure proposed UHC indicators are:  1) sourcing quality data, 2) disaggregating the indicators to examine equity, and 3) measuring effective coverage.

HFG provided technical assistance to the Federal Ministry of Health in Ethiopia to examine the issues and challenges related to measuring UHC. Stakeholders from Federal Ministry of Health departments, the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency, WHO, USAID and CHAI were consulted to:

  1. Identify an institutional home for coordinating UHC measurement,
  2. Describe how different health information systems in the country will connect,
  3. Determine what outcomes are measurable given existing data sources,
  4. Develop proxy indicators to support enhanced measurement of UHC within the country context, and
  5. Outline what the country’s measurement priorities are.

The paper summarizes the findings and provides a roadmap for the country to measure these indicators going forward.



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