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What Works in Regulating Private Primary Health Care? New Practical Guidance from Countries

Strong primary health care (PHC) is vital to equitably improve health outcomes and achieve universal health coverage (UHC). However, to make progress toward UHC, countries recognize that the public sector alone cannot provide all necessary services, including essential primary healthcare services, to everyone – and that the private sector is an important source of care. […]

Regulation of Private Primary Health Care

Strong primary health care (PHC) is vital to achieving universal health care (UHC). As countries work toward UHC, they recognize that the public sector alone cannot provide all necessary comprehensive PHC services to cover country populations and that countries need to engage and effectively steward both the public and private health sectors. A critical element […]

Implementation Research Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional Policy

This infographic describes the 2016 study on how to assess JKN regulations in primary care that have been implemented at district level, particularly regulations on capitation fund management. Capitation is a prospective payment system paid by BPJS Kesehatan to primary health care facilities to provide health services to JKN members enrolled in those facilities regardless […]


Nigeria’s President Commits to Revitalizing 10,000 Primary Health Care Centers

January 10, 2017 – The Federal Government of Nigeria kicked off a scheme to revitalize over 10,000 primary healthcare centers (PHCs) across the country. The event, “Revitalization of PHC for Universal Health Coverage,” took place at the renovated Kuchigoro model PHC, Kuchigoro village, in Abuja. In his remarks, President Muhammadu Buhari called on state governors to adopt […]

Lesotho PHC Revitalization: Services Availability and Readiness Assessment Integrated Supervision Report

A year and half in office, with a visibly ailing health system, the new leadership of the MOH took a decision to revisit the role of primary health care (PHC) as an approach to revitalize and improve provision of health services. The decision on what aspects of PHC the MOH would address required empirical evidence […]

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