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HFG DRM for Health Workshop: Introduction

Recently, the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) Project organized a multi-country workshop to support policymakers from public health and finance agencies in developing concrete action plans for mobilizing domestic resources for health. Marty Makinen led an introduction presentation focusing on the importance of relationships between Ministries of Finance and Health in mobilizing domestic resources.

Health Outcomes: What Does the Evidence Tell us about the Impact of Health Systems Strengthening?

Presented at USAID’s Global Health Mini-University, 2016. USAID’s Office of Health Systems and the HFG Project recently launched the Impact of Health Systems Strengthening on Health report, which for the first time presents a significant body of peer-reviewed evidence linking health systems strengthening interventions to measurable impacts on health outcomes. The report identifies 13 types […]

Looking at UHC through the Lens of Essential Packages of Health Services

Presented at USAID’s Global Health Mini-University, 2016. Join us as we take a look at USAID’s work to ensure equal access to essential packages of health services (EPHS) for all without financial hardship. Learn how partner countries are operationalizing EPHS to promote priority service provision as countries move towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC); how national […]

Governing Quality-The Secret Sauce to UHC?

Presented at USAID’s Global Health Mini-University 2016. In a recent survey of over 100 government officials, the need to improve the quality of health care emerged as their number one priority. With the new SDGs and the growing attention to achieve Universal Health Coverage, the international community has renewed focus on ensuring quality services are […]

Preparing for Future Shocks: Building Resilient Health Systems

Presented at USAID’s Global Health Mini-University, 2016. After the recent Ebola outbreak, global health experts have turned to resilience frameworks used by other fields such as agriculture and engineering to understand how to build health systems that can withstand shocks, including infectious disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and political conflict. Speakers first briefly outlined each of […]

Tracking Family Planning Spending Using the System of Health Accounts Framework

Karishmah Bhuwanee traveled to Bali, Indonesia in January 2016 to present at the International Conference on Family Planning. This presentation helped promote USAID’s global leadership on the topics of results based financing in family planning supply chains, family planning inclusion in universal health coverage initiatives and the importance of resource tracking to improve family planning […]

Análisis del sistema de salud de guatemala hallazgos y recomendaciones

Presentation by Ken Hoadley, Abt Associates Inc., January, 2016, at the launch of Guatemala’s 2015 Health System Assessment report. El sistema de salud pública de Guatemala goza de un marco regulatorio bien establecido, instituciones con larga trayectoria, trabajadores de la salud a todo nivel dedicados y experimentados, y una ausencia de dependencia en fuentes extranjeras […]

Strengthening the Health Workforce to Improve Quality and Achieve Universal Health Coverage

This presentation focuses on three countries that are taking a systems approach to solving these two problems, with help from HFG: Haiti, Côte d’Ivoire, and Swaziland. In Haiti, HFG is working with the Ministry of Health to bolster its process for accrediting nursing education institutions, known as reconnaissance. More than 40 schools have already received […]

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