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Translating Evidence into Action Technical Working Group at HSR 2016

Health Systems Global’s Translating Evidence into Action Technical Working Group (TWG) hosted a TWG Panel Session at the 4th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Vancouver on Thursday, November 17, 2016. The session, “Decoding Knowledge Translation: Initiatives, Institutions, and Perspectives on Moving from Knowledge to Action and Working Across Constituencies for Policy and Program […]

Webinar | Translating Evidence to Policy: Who? Where? Why? And what does it mean for my research?

On October 26, from 9-10 AM EDT, Health Systems Global’s Translating Evidence to Action Working Group hosted a webinar introducing the Baseline Inventory of Global Initiatives for Knowledge Translation. The inventory, compiled in collaboration with the SHAPES TWG, covers 75 initiatives (aimed at everything from banning baby walkers to reducing hospital acquired infections) from 45 […]

Building the Organizational Capacity of Health Systems Global: From Start-Up to Performance

Health policy and systems research (HPSR), and health systems in general, have become the subject of intense global interest in recent years. The evidence from increased use of HPSR enhances health program design and implementation, and improves understanding of how to remove bottlenecks and better target domestic or donor investments—especially those focused on Universal Health […]

Translating Evidence to Policy: It has been done! Learning from the Chilean Health Benefits Plan Development Process

Health Systems’ Global (HSG)’s Translating Evidence into Action Working Group hosted this webinar exploring Chile’s use of evidence in the design of their Universal Access with Explicit Guarantees (AUGE) health benefit plan (HBP) and reflecting on factors that can facilitate and hinder the process of evidence-based design. The focus of the webinar was the use […]

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