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Essential Health Services: The Democratic Republic of The Congo

The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo began reforming and decentralizing the health sector with its National Health System Strengthening Strategy in 2006. The latest National Health Development Plan 2011–2015 continues to implement the strategy laid out in this document.

Essential Health Services: Ethiopia

The government of Ethiopia published its “Essential Health Services Package for Ethiopia” in 2005 (Federal Ministry of Health 2005). This package was published with the intention to have public sector facilities provide a minimum standard of care that fosters an integrated service delivery approach

Essential Health Services: Haiti

There are several defined and semi-defined “packages” of health services floating around Haiti, and the literature is rife with contradictions and uncertainty. Our analysis reveals that Haiti has an EPHS, but the following context is important to understand: The Ministry of Health and Population

Essential Health Services: India

The series of documents that best fits the definition of the EPHS in India is the Indian Public Health Standards (2012) series, plus Annexure II of the Guidelines for Community Processes (2013), which lists the services provided by community health workers referred to as accredited social health activists (ASHAs).

Essential Health Services: Kenya

Kenya’s EPHS, referred to as the Kenya Essential Package for Health, is clearly defined in the Kenya Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan (KHSSP) for July 2014–June 2017 and the Taking the Kenya Essential Package for Health to the Community: A Strategy for the Delivery of Level One Services (Community Health Strategy).

Essential Health Services: Liberia

The government of the Republic of Liberia published its EPHS in the National Health and Social Welfare Policy and Plan 2011–2021 and the accompanying policy document Essential Package of Health Services, Phase One (2011). The EPHS is clearly defined by specific health interventions and by service delivery level.

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