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How Can Health Accounts Inform Health Sector Investments? Lessons from Country Applications

Resource Type: Presentation Authors: Karishmah Bhuwanee, Heather Cogswell, Tesfaye Ashagari Published: June 29, 2016 Resource Description: On June 29, 2016, the HFG project hosted a webinar on the topic of resource tracking, featuring technical experts Karishmah Bhuwanee, Heather Cogswell, and Tesfaye Ashagari. Countries must have a firm grasp on their health financing landscape in order to ensure sufficient and effective […]

Ethiopia’s Community-based Health Insurance: A Step on the Road to Universal Health Coverage

In the last 10 years, Africa has witnessed a renewed interest in Community-based Health Insurance (CBHI) schemes as countries leverage communities to expand risk-pooling coverage to informal sectors and the rural population. CBHI schemes, also known as mutual health organizations, are not-for-profit mechanisms of health financing grounded in principles of solidarity and risk sharing.

Production and Use of Health Accounts in India: What Can We Learn from the Experience so Far?

Health systems worldwide are expanding their capacity to improve people’s welfare. Governments and their development partners in low- and middle-income countries are depending on data to inform health financing decisions, monitor health sector performance, and exercise stewardship. Recognition of the value of health resource data has built momentum for health resource tracking – measuring health […]

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