Supplementary Actuarial Analysis of HIV/AIDS in Lagos State, Nigeria

Resource Type: Report
Published: August 2018

Resource Description: Lagos State Government signed into Law a bill that establishes a Lagos State Health Management Agency and the Lagos State Health Scheme in 2015 to ensure residents of the State have access to quality and affordable health care services and financial protection. Further to this, the State Government has had an actuarial study conducted and designed and priced a healthcare insurance package to meet this need.

The healthcare package as currently priced does not include cover for HIV/AIDS and this report – can be considered as a supplementary but independent analyses to the previous work – discusses an appropriate additional risk premium to include in the main healthcare package to cover this element (HIV/AIDS) as the State, and perhaps the country as a whole, needs to take ownership of HIV/AIDS response and ensure its sustainability. Similar to the healthcare package and analysis alraedy developed by PharmAccess, this report analyses only the medical costs (drugs and testing where applicable) and excludes any associated service delivery costs, profit margin or taxes.






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