Stakeholder Analysis Guidelines

Resource Type: Tool
Authors: Kammi Schmeer
Published: 3/10/2001

Resource Description:

Cover of Stakeholder Analysis GuidelinesIn developing this document, Partnerships for Health Reform (PHR) addresses one aspect of managing the “politics” of the reform process: the need for information on key players who have an investment in proposed reforms. This is particularly important at the policy formulation and legitimation phase of the policy process.

The purpose of this document is to help policymakers, managers, and their working groups follow an “objective” and systematic process for collecting and analyzing data about key health reform stakeholders. It should be noted, however, that even the application of the systematic methodology incorporated into these guidelines cannot prevent the information from being somewhat subjective since stakeholder analysis is based on what stakeholders communicate to analysts. These guidelines, however, do include suggestions for checking the consistency of answers and other mechanisms to ensure that the information is obtained and analyzed as objectively as possible.

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