Resource Tracking Events

Making Numbers Count: Streamlining the production of health expenditure data
August 9, 2018 | Online Webinar

Struggling with how to track your country’s health spending in the most efficient way?

Join us for the final webinar in the health resource tracking series. Experts from across the globe will share strategies on how to streamline the production of health spending data by using existing data sources, incorporating questions on health expenditure into routine household surveys, engaging the right stakeholders, and more.

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Making Numbers Count: Choosing the right methodology to estimate health expenditure
March 16, 2018 | Online Webinar

Need to track how much a country spends on health but unsure which methodology best meets the country’s needs?

Watch the second of three webinars on health resource tracking. Experts from across the globe will discuss similarities and differences of various resource tracking methodologies and the factors to consider when selecting a methodology.

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Making Numbers Count: Using Health Expenditure Data to Achieve Policy Change
March 1, 2018 | Online Webinar

Great! You have national health expenditure data. Now, how do you use it to better inform health policy decisions?

Watch the first of three webinars on health resource tracking. Experts from Burkina Faso and Ghana join us to discuss practical approaches that have led to successful policy change.

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How Can Health Accounts Findings Guide Health Sector Investments?
June 29, 2016 | Online Webinar

Countries must have a firm grasp on their health financing landscape in order to ensure sufficient and effective use of resources. When combined with macroeconomic, health utilization, and health indicator data, Health Accounts provide powerful insights for health financing policy.

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Health Accounts Peer Learning Workshop
November 2016 | Learning Workshop

In November 2016, over 60 government technicians, policymakers and technical advisors from 47 countries across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe participated in the first global Health Accounts Peer-Learning Workshop. During this workshop, participants shared their experiences and ideas on how to improve Health Accounts production and increase the uptake of Health Accounts results for policy.

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