Mobile Money for Health Case Study: Pathfinder Kenya

Resource Type: Case Studies
Authors: Health Finance and Governance (HFG)
Published: 10/31/2015

Resource Description:pathfinder kenya

This case study is one of 14 case studies profiled in the Mobile Money for Health Case Study Compendium.

In 2012, Pathfinder Kenya launched the mHMtaani project (Swahili for “Mobile Health for my Community”), which aims to promote healthier communities through the use of innovative mobile technologies that track the health of expectant mothers and orphans and vulnerable children. The project, funded by USAID’s APHIAplus Nairobi-Coast Program, operates using the application CommCare, a “decision and counseling support tool,” that supports community health workers (CHWs) in providing home and community-based care to hard-to-reach populations. CHWs use the mobile phone application to register clients and upload patient data, including information on antenatal care visits, family planning, and pregnancy danger signs, to track and analyze patient care and outcomes. The program provides real-time health data to service beneficiaries, and ensures pregnant women know their estimated delivery dates and have a delivery plan in place.



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