HAPSAT HAITI: The Sustainability of OVC Programs

Cover Page: HAPSAT HAITI: The Sustainability of OVC ProgramsResource Type: Report
Authors: Elaine Baruwa, Darwin Young, Asha Sharma, and Rachelle Cassagnol
Published: 3/1/2011

Resource Description:

This report provides an in-depth sustainability analysis on the costs and types of care provided to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) by PEPFAR-funded implementing partners. It describes and analyzes the range of interventions being delivered by four partners. The costs from this analysis were fed into an analytical model developed by Health Systems 20/20 as part of its HAPSAT/Sustainability analysis process to cost and compare ‘packages’ of care. After describing a Haitian context-specific package of care, this model was used to determine the cost of delivering this package to all eligible OVC. Given the substantial cost of such a program (given the number of OVC who could be classified as being eligible or ‘in need’), a second, smaller package with lower target levels of coverage was also costed and the gaps between needs and targets highlighted. The report concludes with recommendations for strengthening this aspect of Haiti’s HIV response.

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