Guided Self-Assessment of Public Financial Management Performance – A Toolkit for Health Sector Managers

Resource Type: Tool
Authors: Naz Todini
Published: 12/2013

Cover Page: Guided Self-Assessment of Public Financial Management PerformanceResource Description:

This is one of four tools within the Toolkit for Ministries of Health to Work More Effectively with Ministries of Finance.

Good performance of Public Financial Management (PFM) systems is one of the elements of governance that should be reinforced in support of sound, evidence-based health interventions. PFM performance, however, is typically assessed by considering the government as a whole, rather than the individual performance of such important sectors as health; often, the impact of PFM assessments on health is not differentiated from the rest of the government sectors.

This self-guided assessment adapts the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability assessment methodology – developed and implemented by a multi-donor partnership including the World Bank and IMF – to focus specifically on the health sector. It elaborates 12 indicators of the health sector financial management and how MOH officials can use them to self assess their systems and procedures to improve accountability and performance.



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