Assessing Provincial Health Systems in Vietnam: Lessons from Two Provinces

Cover Page: Assessing Provincial Health Systems in Vietnam: Lessons from Two ProvincesResource Type: Report
Authors: Health Systems 20/20 Report, Tran Thi Mai Oanh, Tran Van Tien, Duong Huy Luong, Khuong Anh Tuan, Nguyen Khanh Phuong, Le Quang Cuong, Amy Taye, Gilbert Kombe, and Saul Helfenbein
Published: 3/1/2009

Resource Description:

Over the past decade, Vietnam has made important achievements in both the economic and social sectors, including health. Although significant progress has been made, many health-related issues remain to be addressed. The country is currently facing a double burden of disease. To address many of the past and emerging health challenges, the government has implemented several policies including decentralization of the health sector.

This report presents data from the first two provincial health system assessments conducted in Vietnam. The assessments were conducted by the Health Strategy and Policy Institute (HSPI) in collaboration with the USAID Health Systems 20/20 project. The objective of the provincial health system assessment was fourfold: (1) to pilot the application of the health systems assessment tool at provincial level; (2) to provide empirical evidence to policymakers at the national, provincial and local levels about the strengths and weaknesses of the provincial health system and to allow them to target weaknesses in the XIV health system; (3) to provide targeted recommendations to local and international partners on specific health systems components that need to be strengthened; and (4) to refine the tools for the roll-out of assessments to other provinces.

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