Universal Health Coverage: Frequently Asked Questions

Resource Type: Brief
Authors: Health Finance and Governance Project
Published: 12/30/2015

Resource Description:

This brief answers several “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) on universal health coverage (UHC):

  1. What is Universal Health Coverage (UHC)?
  2. How does UHC align with USAID’s priorities?
  3. How does UHC relate to broader goals for development, including the Sustainable Development Goals?
  4. How is UHC measured?
  5. What progress has been made towards UHC?
  6. How does USAID support countries’ UHC efforts?

The FAQ accompanies Universal Health Coverage: An Annotated Bibliography, which presents resources that provide an overview of UHC and also delve into specific topics within UHC, such as measurement, health financing, and benefit plans. The bibliography also includes links to relevant websites that can provide additional resources.



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