Understanding the Dynamics of Successful Health Systems Strengthening Interventions: Cross-case analysis

Resource Type: Synthesis Report
Authors: Abigail Conrad, Daniela Rodriguez, Adam Koon, Joseph Naimoli, Sweta Saxena, & Catherine Connor
Published: October 2017

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Resource Description: USAID’s Health Finance and Governance project (HFG) contributes to USAID’s assistance to countries to deliver key health services and builds the evidence base around health systems strengthening (HSS). Under HFG’s research portfolio, a series of retrospective, qualitative case studies were undertaken to understand the dynamics of successful HSS interventions by focusing on how HSS projects were implemented. This report presents the results of analysis across the five cases. The aim of this study is to address four key questions:

  1. How were a range of successful HSS interventions implemented in different countries?
  2. What factors facilitated and constrained the successful implementation and documented outcomes of the interventions?
  3. What were important factors about implementation that emerged across the different cases?
  4. What are the implications of this study for implementing future HSS interventions?


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