Uganda: Governing for Quality Improvement in the Context of UHC

Resource Type: Case Studyugana-case-study
Authors: Lisa Tarantino, Kelley Laird, Amanda Ottosson, Ruben Frescas, Kedar Mate, Vivian Addo-Cobbiah, Cynthia Bannerman, Paulina Pacheco, Daniel Burssa, Andrew Likaka, Mirwais Rahimzai, M. Rashad Massoud, and Shams Syed
Published: August 2016

Resource Description: 

In 2010, the Uganda Capacity Program conducted a situation analysis of quality improvement initiatives that identified there were many quality improvement initiatives, however they were mostly donor driven. Uganda had weak mechanisms to coordinate the initiatives at all levels. The National Quality Improvement Framework and Strategic Plan was developed to recognize the need to institutionalize, harmonize, and coordinate quality improvement and management interventions in the country. From this analysis, a quality improvement coordination structure was created to enhance and coordinate quality improvement policy, strategy development, communication, and capacity building activities.

The quality improvement unit, titled the Quality Assurance Department (QAD), in the Uganda MOH is very active. It has a technical working group that meets quarterly. Staff from this unit take part in joint quality improvement coaching with implementing partners on a regular basis across the country, and facilitate at formal quality improvement trainings across the country. They develop quality improvement related policies, guidelines, and strategies.

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