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Health Systems Strengthening Interventions – EQUIST Expert Review Panel

Health systems provide the basic inputs for the delivery of health services, yet there is very little evidence that allows public health professionals to link investments in health systems to expected mortality outcomes. As a result, policymakers, health planners, and donors sometimes find it challenging to demonstrate the importance of investing in HSS activities. With […]

Marshalling the Evidence Status Report

Resource Type: Report Authors: Joseph Naimoli and Sweta Saxena Published: April 2016 Resource Description: The “Impact of Health Systems Strengthening on Health Systems Performance and Outcomes-Marshalling the Evidence: A Status Report” is a USAID Office of Health Systems publication. HFG contributed to key pieces of the evidence, which are described in this summary document. Evidence is scarce, scattered, and […]

Universal Health Coverage in Haryana: Setting Priorities for Health and Health Systems

In India, the reach of the public health system is limited; many people avoid seeking formal care because of its high cost or cultural barriers. As a result, they delay seeking care until they are seriously ill, which means higher costs when they seek care, high morbidity, and sometimes mortality that would have been preventable […]

Piloting L3M for Child Marriage: Experience in Monitoring Results in Equity Systems (MoRES) in Bangladesh

Resource Type: Report Authors:  Ligia Paina, Lindsay Morgan, Yann Derriennic Published: 09/2014 Resource Description: Child marriage is a symptom of poverty and gender inequalities. Girls who marry early are more likely to die from maternal health-related causes; are less likely to stay in school; and are more likely to participate in a vicious cycle to […]

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