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Guidelines for Parliamentary Standing Committees on Oversight of Programming to Reduce Child and Maternal Mortality

Resource Type: Report Authors: Jeremy Kanthor, Peter Dimitroff and Elizabeth Elfman Published: September 2017 Resource Description: This guide has three key objectives: (1) Position efforts to reduce child and maternal morality within the portfolio of a standing committee of health. Because the challenge of reducing child and maternal mortality is an issue that cuts across numerous […]

Accountability, Health Governance, and Health Systems: Uncovering the Linkages

Resource Type: Report Authors: Derick W. Brinkerhoff, David Jacobstein, Jeremy Kanthor,  Dheepa Rajan and Katie Shepard Published: November 2017 Resource Description: This report presents findings and analysis related to accountability, its connections to health governance, and links to health system performance. As part of a series on governance interventions that contribute to health system performance, this report aims to […]

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