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IHP+ UHC 2030: Building a Partnership to Sustain Health Systems

Last week, nearly 100 experts and policy makers from countries gathered in Geneva, Switzerland for the “UHC 2030 Multi-stakeholder Consultation: Building a Partnership to Sustain Health Systems.” Organized by IHP+, the consultative meeting brought together stakeholders from low- and middle-income country representatives, civil society organizations, and donors. Their aim was to start a “movement for […]

Análisis del sistema de salud de guatemala hallazgos y recomendaciones

Presentation by Ken Hoadley, Abt Associates Inc., January, 2016, at the launch of Guatemala’s 2015 Health System Assessment report. El sistema de salud pública de Guatemala goza de un marco regulatorio bien establecido, instituciones con larga trayectoria, trabajadores de la salud a todo nivel dedicados y experimentados, y una ausencia de dependencia en fuentes extranjeras […]

Guatemala Health System Assessment 2015

Resource Type: Report Authors: Carlos Avila, Rhea Bright, Jose Carlos Gutierrez, Kenneth Hoadley, Coite Manuel, Natalia Romero, and Michael P. Rodriguez Published: 8/2015 Resource Description: Guatemala’s public health system benefits from a well-established regulatory framework, many years of institutional history, dedicated and experienced health sector workers, and an absence of dependence on external sources for financial support. […]

Barbados 2012-13 Health Accounts: Statistical Report

The lack of solid up-to-date health financing information for evidence-based planning inspired the Ministry of Health (MOH) to conduct a Health Accounts (HA) exercise. Although the Ministry completed a Health Satellite Accounts (HSA) exercise in 2013, lack of complete National Accounts data resulted in incomplete spending captured for key groups such as commercial insurance

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