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WHO raises awareness on the role of public budgeting in health

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Hélène Barroy, Elina Dale, Susan Sparkes, Joseph Kutzin Published: July 2017 Resource Description: This policy brief aims to raise awareness on the role of public budgeting – specifically aspects of budget formulation – for non-PFM specialists working in health. As part of an overall WHO programme of work on Budgeting in Health, […]

Public Financial Management, Health Governance, and Health Systems

Resource Type: Report Authors: Annie Baldridge, Elizabeth Elfman, Eunice Heredia-Ortiz, Hélène Barroy, Karima Saleh, and  Catherine Connor Published: October 2017 Resource Description: While the importance of governance in a health system is well recognized, there is an overall lack of evidence and understanding of the dynamics of how improved governance can influence health system performance and health […]

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