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Understanding District-Level Variation in Fertility Rates in High-Focus Indian States

Resource Type: Publication Authors:  A.A. Jayachandran, Rahul Dutta, and Priya Emmart Published: January 2018 Resource Description: The assessment is based on secondary analysis of data from the Annual Health Survey (2012-13), which provides the most recent available survey data for the high-focus states and districts in India. High-focus districts in four states, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, […]

Family Planning Indicators Among Young Adults and Low Parity Couple in Four High Priority States

Resource Type: Report Authors:  Health Finance and Governance Project Published: November 2015 Resource Description: The Government of India (GoI) under the Mission Parivar Vikas (MPV) programme focuses investments in 146 districts in 7 states, which have the highest levels of fertility in India. The strategy aims to accelerate the supply of high quality family planning […]

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