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Integrating Financing of Vertical Health Programs: Lessons from Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Health Finance and Governance Project Published: September 2018 Resource Description: For better or worse, many low- and middle- income countries inherited vertical programs in which programming, financing, governance, and service delivery are all organized around an individual disease.  Governments must now decide whether a new government-managed financing scheme such as national or social health […]

Spending Wisely for Improved TB Outcomes: Lessons in Strategic Purchasing for TB in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Dasha Migunov, Sara Feinstein, Sevim Ahmedov, Olga Zues and Alexandr Katsaga Published: September 2018 Resource Description: The report’s objectives are to: Explain the importance of strategic purchasing for improving TB services in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, specifically through the examples presented at the May 2018 Spending Money Wisely for Improved […]

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