Routine Data Quality Assessments in Haryana, India: Rounds 1 & 2 Summary Report

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Kauser, Alia, Jordan Tuchman, Anthony Leegwater, VJ Rao and Amit Phogat
Published: August 2017

Resource Description:

This report is a summary of the routine data quality assessment (RDQA)  in Haryana, India. The results generated through its application has demonstrated that administering routine data assessments in the state can facilitate improvements in data quality. In order to catalyze and sustain such improvements, such assessments should be considered as one part of a more comprehensive approach that includes systems-level interventions. Routine quality assessments would provide regular data with which to monitor progress of data quality, identify systemic gaps, and ensure compliance by relevant HMIS personnel (i.e. service providers, information assistants, M&E officers, and supervisors) to the appropriate processes. Through prioritization of systems strengthening initiatives, the NHM can bolster the HMIS’ underlying components and better foster and sustain data quality improvements. Possible systems strengthening initiatives include:

  • Strengthening data management processes and procedures, particularly the verification and authentication of data prior to submission, and the provision of feedback from one reporting level to another
  • Increasing the availability of data collection tools to capture data at the moment of service delivery and avoid use of unstructured and/or customized alternatives
  • Making data definitions available in local languages and ensuring they are present at all locations where collection, compilation, or use of data take place
  • Installing a competency-based training plan to improve the skills of existing staff and ensuring refresher training.


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